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Lower life cycle cost for open standard linear systems

When it comes to components for linear systems, there are many different manufacturers and suppliers. Navigating among these and finding the one that meets your requirements is not always a simple task. But by choosing...


How does your linear system supplier handle complaints?

In the best of worlds, your order of linear system components will arrive on time, undamaged and adjusted to specifications. But in reality, no one is infallible. Mistakes happen, and orders can be incomplete, damaged...


Create telescopic movements that last

Many different factors come into play when creating a telescopic linear movement. Is it a horizontal or vertical movement? What is the surrounding environment like? These are some of the factors. It is therefore wise to...


How to design a curved linear motion

In most cases, a linear movement takes place in a straight line between two points or in a circular movement. However, some applications require a combination of straight lines and curves in a bent motion.


What is best? Linear guides with balls or rollers?

There is a discussion about which solution is best in linear guides, whether balls or rollers give the best results. But the fact is that the question is wrongly posed.


How to solve misalignment and parallelism errors in linear movement

Completely avoiding deviations in parallelism in linear motion applications is almost impossible. However, there are ways to handle them so that you can facilitate the installation of the rail guide and, in the long...


Advantages and disadvantages of using ready-made linear units

When designing a linear motion application, you can either choose to build the unit yourself using separate components or choose a complete unit ready for installation. There are advantages and disadvantages to both,...


Ball screw or timing belt, when should you use what?

The choice between ball screw and timing belt is determined by which properties are most important for your linear drive. Do you need to prioritize accuracy or speed? Do you have limited space? Is it important that the...