Simple components for tough applications

Many linear products may seem complex and advanced, but there are also simpler components that solve many linear movements. One of these is linear guides consisting of sliders with rollers that run in a c-shaped rail....


Wonder how you can solve problems with misalignment?

Problems with misalignment and angles almost always occur with linear movement. Therefore, we offer a product that easily solves the problem already at the construction stage. It combines a guiding and a floating rail...


How to design a curved linear motion

In most cases, a linear movement takes place in a straight line between two points or in a circular movement. However, some applications require a combination of straight lines and curves in a bent motion.


What is best? Linear guides with balls or rollers?

There is a discussion about which solution is best in linear guides, whether balls or rollers give the best results. But the fact is that the question is wrongly posed.


How to solve misalignment and parallelism errors in linear movement

Completely avoiding deviations in parallelism in linear motion applications is almost impossible. However, there are ways to handle them so that you can facilitate the installation of the rail guide and, in the long...