Simple components for tough applications

Ketchup mchine c-rail

Many linear products may seem complex and advanced, but there are also simpler components that solve many linear movements. One of these is linear guides consisting of sliders with rollers that run in a c-shaped rail. The simplicity of the construction and compact design make them insensitive to dirt, offer low friction and silent operation. Another advantage of linear rail guides with rollers is that they are often a very affordable solution.

Industrial machines

Linear guides with rollers are often used within the manufacturing industry, e.g. for hatches in packaging machines or adjustment of components in filling and sealing machines. As these types of machines often occur in the food industry where there are high demands on hygiene and cleaning, materials that can withstand over-rinsing and cleaning must be chosen. Galvanized steel is common, but stainless steel is a better option if the application will be exposed to water, dirt, temperature fluctuations or high temperatures. Choosing the right material not only significantly extends the service life of the components, but also simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Consult your supplier if you would like to know more about which material is best suited for your application.

C-Rail_ENMechanical equipment

If you choose linear guides in stainless steel, you get an ideal solution for, for example, car washes and automatic gates. These types of applications are subjected to enormous stresses and need robust components that resist humidity and dirt. The same applies to sliding doors and other similar constructions on e.g. ferries.

Interior solutions

Although linear components are mostly found in industrial applications, they can also be used for interior solutions such as movable walls or different types of sliding doors. As a matter of fact, it is such a quiet solution that it has been used for stage construction for television productions where it is important to minimize all forms of disturbing background noise. Since linear systems with rollers usually withstand both water and high temperatures, they are also suitable for, e.g. shower doors and hatches for fireplaces or boilers.

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