Packaging – an important part of your delivery


When you buy linear solutions, the delivery must reach you safely. To protect your delivery, packaging that is adapted to your order is required. Material, design, and cost are all important aspects for your supplier to keep in mind when choosing packaging. In addition, the supplier should work actively for an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative as possible.

Material selection – what are the requirements of your order?

Depending on your order, packaging of different materials can be used. Corrugated cardboard has several major advantages from a sustainability perspective. The material is low-weight, easy for you as a customer to recycle and can also be made from already recycled material. Since corrugated cardboard can be used for packaging and pallets, it is a very environmentally friendly overall solution. However, some situations require stronger and more resistant packaging. A large and heavy construction may need wooden packaging to ensure safe transport to you. Preferably cooperate with a supplier who adapts the material to your specific needs.

The design of the packaging matters

In addition to several material choices, the packaging is also available in different physical designs. Corrugated cardboard boxes are available in different sizes to suit your delivery. If wooden packaging is used, it is also adapted to how the order looks. This is important from a sustainability perspective because you then avoid transporting air and excess packaging material unnecessarily. A direct consequence of this is that more deliveries can fit in the same vehicle and the number of transports from the supplier can be reduced. In addition, it is easier for you as a customer to handle a smaller amount of packaging. Some suppliers work actively with the design of packaging to both deliver your order safely and to contribute to a more sustainable future.

A safe and sustainable delivery

By collaborating with a supplier of linear components who work continuously to improve their packaging solutions, you and the environment benefit. Choosing a sustainable alternative should not be expensive or complicated. Adapting the packaging to your delivery ensures safe transport, avoiding unnecessary freight and material that is easy for you to take care of afterwards.

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