Avoid the most common problems when designing linear systems

Constructing a linear system is not always easy. There are some common problems and pitfalls to fall into. At the same time, there are some things you can take advantage of and aids that make the process easier. One of our designers, Oskar Friberg, shares some tips that make the work easier and smoother.


Lack of access to CAD is a common problem when designing linear systems

One of the more common problems when constructing a linear system is the lack of access to CAD files, says Oskar.

– I used to work as a mechanical engineer, and projects often stopped because I couldn't move forward without a CAD file.

It is drawing-heavy to construct, and it has previously been difficult to find products with good descriptions and a CAD file. There has simply been no complete library.

– Having access to a wide CAD library is important. You notice immediately if a supplier has invested energy in building such a system. For me, as a designer, this is a great advantage.

A clear target image facilitates development

Often, the customer has a clear picture of what they want to achieve but cannot visualize it. It is required to translate the image into a machine design. To shorten development work it is important to quickly present a concept that shows how to think simply and clearly. Here, too, the availability of CAD files is of great importance.

– Giving the designer quick and easy access to CAD files makes it easier in many cases, says Oskar. If you can easily download files from a website, without any registration requirements, it facilitates the construction phase. Downloading the file and inserting it into your model should be easy. It shortens the path to finished construction.

An early price estimate can save time

As a designer, you can easily get lost in the project and spend a lot of time finding the best technical solution. The problem is that the solution can turn out to be way too expensive and not profitable. It is therefore a good idea to find a good balance early in the project through a quick price indication.

– It is of great importance if you can get an idea of what different types of solutions cost so that you know what you are comparing with, says Oskar. In the end, it is faster to reach the goal and avoid a lot of retakes and iterations. When you involve your supplier early in the project, they can guide you to the optimal solution based on your requirement specification. I try to work that way with my customers, and I appreciate it when I can collaborate like that with my suppliers.


Oskar's 5 tips to facilitate the construction phase

1. Use standard components

Start by viewing your supplier's website and look at what is available as standard components. There is no point in reinventing the wheel. Does the current supplier have a large inventory? Is it possible to easily see this on their website? Then you can save time.

2. Utilize the skills that already exist

Often there is a solid knowledge of different companies in the areas they deal with – make use of it! They can give you recommendations and provide feedback on what can be made more efficient or simplified. Look for a supplier who wants to act as a partner rather than just a supplier.

3. Make use of the existing CAD library

Check the availability of CAD files with the supplier. If there is a library, you can find many solutions already there. A great CAD library is like a candy store for designers.

4. Get help with special solutions

If you are working on a larger project and are under time pressure, you can sometimes buy construction hours from a supplier. Take advantage of their expertise when it comes to developing special solutions. They know their field well and are often not afraid to take on challenging projects.

5. Dimension smartly

When dimensioning a linear control, dimensions that are smaller than you think are often enough. Double-check with your supplier if you made the right choice. Perhaps a smaller or simpler variant will suffice. Your supplier is often aware of this.

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